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Rotary Scout Reservation is situated on beautiful Davitt Lake, offering a wonderful natural environment for Aquatic programs.  Scouts may earn merit badges in Canoeing, Lifesaving, Rowing, Small Boat Sailing, and Swimming.

In addition to the merit badge program, Scouts may also earn BSA awards in Kayaking, Snorkeling, Stand Up Paddleboarding and the Mile Swim.

For the Scout who wants to explore new Aquatics skills without committing to a merit badge session, or for the Scout who has already earned his badge, the RSR Aquatics program also offers an extensive open program throughout the day.  Cool off on a hot summer day with an early morning or afternoon swim or take part in open boating, where Scouts and leaders can enjoy a warm evening on the lake in one of RSR’s canoes, kayaks, or sailboats.

Scouts are also encouraged to take advantage of swim instruction and stroke improvement classes provided by the trained and certified RSR Lifeguards.  Stroke improvement classes with low camper-to-counselor ratios for more individualized instruction are offered twice a day to better accommodate each Scout’s schedule.


Set Sail For Adventure

Area Merit Badges




Small Boat Sailing


*Eagle Required

Other Area Programs

Aquatics Supervisor

BSA Lifeguard

Instructional Swim

Kayaking BSA

Mike Swim Award

Safe Swim Defense

Safety Afloat

Snorkeling BSA

Stand Up Paddleboarding

BSA Lifeguard

Scouts and adults who attend summer camp at RSR have the opportunity to complete the BSA Lifeguard program.  BSA Lifeguard certification is recognized by the State of New York as equivalent to lifeguarding programs offered by the Red Cross.  Individuals may use the certificate to work at parks, pools and camps anywhere in the state, including RSR!

BSA Lifeguard is a very rigorous program and requires a full time commitment while at summer camp.  Participants must be at least 15 years old and it is recommended that Scouts wishing to take the Lifeguard course have already completed Swimming, Lifesaving, and Rowing merit badges and demonstrate strong swimming ability.

In order to complete the certification, the participant must be certified in American Red Cross CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and American Red Cross Standard First Aid or equivalents recognized by New York State.  Both certifications may be earned at camp.

For questions about BSA Lifeguard or the Aquatics program, email:

Aquatics Supervisor

In 2009, the Boy Scouts of America introduced a new aquatics program called Aquatics Supervisor.  The program is divided into to parts called “Swimming and Water Rescue” and “Paddle Craft Safety.”  These programs are designed to educate adults and older youth (16+) on how to safely and effectively run troop-level swimming and boating activities.  While this certification is not a substitute for lifeguard certification and will not allow the cardholder to be employed as a lifeguard, it will increase the safety of your troop activity on the water.

Many troops run their own swimming and boating activities outside the summer camp setting.  The Aquatics Supervisor program is designed to supplement and support these outings.  Rotary Scout Reservation is proud to support these troop activities and is proud to offer this program to your troop.

Swimming and Water Rescue

The Swimming and Water Rescue (SWR) certification will teach how to properly make reaching, throwing and in-water rescues of a victim who is tired or drowning, how to protect yourself from a victim, provide care of a spinal injury in the water, the common causes of drowning and how to recognize them and prevent them and you will learn how to administer the BSA Swim Test.  SWR will also cover the Safe Swim Defense plan and participants will also be certified in Safe Swim Defense.

Paddle Craft Safety

The Paddle Craft Safety (PCS) certification is designed to train the participants to be safe and have fun during a troop-level boating activity.  Topics covered include PFD sizing, selection and fit, capsize and rescue of boat and swimmer, important safety skills, how to safely launch and land a boat, how to correctly paddle a canoe, how to use a throw bag in a rescue and Safety Afloat certification.


  1. Must be 16 years or older

  2. Pass the BSA Swimmer Test

  3. Recover a 10 lb. weight in 8 feet of water

Successful completion of both SWR and PCS will include a satisfactory understanding of the skills, completion of those skills and a passing grade on a written exam.

For information about the Aquatics Supervisor program email

Twin Rivers Council, BSA

BSA Stand Up Paddleboarding Award

RSR is excited to be able to offer the BSA Stand Up Paddleboarding Award, a great new program opportunity for older Scouts, age 13 and above.  Cruise the lake in style aboard a new stand up paddleboard and earn the BSA SUP Award!