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The Ecology and Conservation area helps to promote a Scout’s knowledge and understanding of the natural environment around him.  Scouting has always been committed to the “green” initiatives which are growing in popularity in our communities and nation. 

At the Ecology area, Scouts get to study natural habitats, climate, and the effects of human activity on wildlife and natural resources.  Through hands on experimentation and analysis participants gain a greater appreciation for the world around them.  In addition, the Ecology merit badge program exposes Scouts to numerous opportunities for career exploration in the field of conservation and the natural sciences.

There are more merit badges offered in the Ecology and Conservation area than any other program at Rotary Scout Reservation.  Many of these badges, including Environmental Science, Fish & Wildlife Management, Geology, Mammal Study, Nature, Oceanography, Soil & Water Conservation and Weather are all regularly scheduled in the daily merit badge program. 

Additionally, Astronomy, Bird Study, Forestry, Insect Study and Reptile & Amphibian Study may be undertaken with a counselor during open merit badge time in the afternoon.  Many of these latter badges require long term study which is not possible in the one week camp period, but can be completed if the Scout reviews the requirements and completes certain prerequisites before his arrival at camp.  Please speak to the Ecology & Conservation Director during the Merit Badge Registration session on Sunday if you wish to work on one of these unscheduled badges.


We Make It Easy To Be Green

Rotary Scout Reservation strives to ensure that a Scout has ample opportunity to complete all requirements for his chosen merit badges while at camp.  Some merit badges, however, have requirements which are best completed before coming to camp.  Links to the complete requirements are on the right.  The following merit badges have prerequisites which we recommend completing prior to camp. 


  1. Complete requirements 4a-c, 5b, 6b, and 8

  2. Completion requires night observations and clear nights making this badge very weather dependent and difficult to complete at camp.

Bird Study

  1. Complete requirements 5, 6, 7, and 8

Environmental Science

  1. EnviSci is a very intense and time consuming merit badge, requiring hours of nature observations and report writing.  Care should be taken in scheduling other merit badges so as to not overburden the Scout.

Fish and Wildlife Management

  1. Complete requirement 5

Insect Study

  1. Complete requirements 4, 5a, 7, and 8

  2. Very difficult badge requiring preparation prior to camp

Reptile and Amphibian Study

  1. Complete requirements 6 and 8

Merit Badge Prerequisites

Twin Rivers Council, BSA