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RSR Health & Safety

The health and safety of all visitors to Rotary Scout Reservation is always a top priority.  To ensure the best quality care for all Scouts, Leaders, and visitors, all illnesses and injuries must be brought to the attention of the Health Officer as soon as detected.  If further medical attention is warranted, RSR has established close relationships with Poestenkill Ambulance, On-Call Medical Clinic, and Samaritan Hospital in Troy.

All medical information provided to Rotary Scout Reservation will be guarded with respect to the privacy of the individual.  All medical documents are locked in the Health Lodge for the Health Officer’s reference and returned directly to the Scoutmaster at the end of the week.  Relevant medical information will be shared with responsible staff only when necessary and in conjunction with the parent’s wishes.

Please note, all medications brought to camp must be provided in the original, labeled container.

Annual Health and Medical Record

BSA has released the newest update to the BSA Health and Medical Record.  Please distribute the new form to all camp participants, including adult leaders who will be staying at camp.  This form is mandatory for camp participants and must be completed by a licensed health care provider.

Who is required to provide a medical form with proof of physical exam?

  1. Anyone (youth or adult) whose stay in camp lasts longer than 72 hours.

  2. Anyone (youth or adult) who wishes to participate in Aquatics or COPE & Climbing activities, regardless of overall length of stay in camp.  No buddy tag will be issued for swimming or boating activities without a signed medical form on file.

What do you need to know about the new form?

  1. It is valid for only one year, and now requires an annual physical exam.

  2. It still requires a parent’s signature for those under the age of 18.

  3. It includes the personal standing orders for medication that previously was documented on a separate form.

  4. It includes a hold harmless agreement and talent release form that must be reviewed by the parent.

  5. It includes height and weight guidelines for certain Scouting activities.  Please note that these guidelines are designed to restrict participation in high adventure activities where quick access to emergency medical care is limited.  Failure to meet these standards will not restrict an individual’s ability to attend Summer Camp at RSR.

  6. New York State law still requires that accurate dates be provided in the immunization record.  “Up to Date” is not an acceptable notation.

Please ensure that all families receive copies of the new Medical Form well in advance of your attendance at Sumer Camp, so that the annual physical may be completed and properly documented before your arrival.

Download a copy of the new BSA Medical Form here: BSA Health and Medical Record.

Sunday Check-In Procedures

The success of a timely Sunday check-in for all campers depends largely on the pre-camp preparation by units to gather all necessary medical documentation.  Here’s how you can help ensure a smooth and orderly check-in.

  1. The Scoutmaster should review all participants’ medical forms well before the date of the troops arrival at camp.  The Scoutmaster should ensure that:

  2. All participants are using the new BSA Health Form.

  3. All forms have a physician’s signature verifying a physical exam within the last year.

  4. All forms have completed the Parental Informed Consent and Hold Harmless/Release Agreement and Talent Release Form.

  5. All youth forms (under 18 years of age) have been signed by a parent or legal guardian.

  6. On or before the day of arrival at camp, the Scoutmaster should collect all participants’ health forms.  If any Scout does not have a health form or their health form is incomplete, contact the Scout’s parents immediately before leaving for camp.  It is helpful to have the forms alphabetized by last name.

  7. Upon arriving at camp, the Scoutmaster should give all health forms to the Staff Guide in the parking lot.  The Guide will deliver the forms with the Troop to the campsite while the Scoutmaster checks in the unit at the Camp Office.

  8. The Camp Health Officer will visit the campsite for the medical re-check of each participant.  To ensure the privacy of all participants, please keep other Scouts and adults away from the picnic table when the Health Officer is conducting the medical re-checks.

  9. Each Scout must present all medication he has brought with him during the re-check.  All medication must be in original, labeled containers and must match the personal standing orders authorized by the physician on the health form.  A parent of a child in camp may hold on to their child’s medication during the time that the parent is in camp.  All other youth medications must be turned over to the Health Officer to be kept in locked storage in the health office.  Refrigerated storage is available in the health office for those medications that require it.

During the medical re-check interview, the Health Officer will discuss medication schedules with each participant who requires medications while at camp.  Mealtime medications will be brought to the Dining Hall by the Health Officer.  Arrangements will be made individually with each Scout following a different medication schedule.

Twin Rivers Council, BSA