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Citizenship. Character Development. Fitness.

These are the aims of Scouting and the goals of the Rotary Scout Reservation Summer Camp program.  RSR offers instruction in 41 merit badges including 6 on the Eagle required list (Camping, Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Science, First Aid, Lifesaving, and Swimming)  In addition, we are pleased to offer a number of fun and exciting non-merit badge programs (such as COPE, BSA Lifeguard, Trail to First Class, and Advanced Backwoodsman), each one designed to give a Scout the summer adventure of a lifetime. 

We invite you to explore quality program we have to offer using the following links.  Each page details the program opportunities available in that area, with links to the requirements for each merit badge offered. 

  1. Aquatics

  2. Archery

  3. Chillicothe

  4. Community Safety

  5. COPE / Climbing

  6. Ecology & Conservation

  7. Handicrafts

  8. Scoutcraft

  9. Shooting Sports

  10. Trail to First Class

If you have any questions regarding our summer program, please email Janet Keilen at

Merit Badge Records

Rotary Scout Reservation maintains a record of all merit badges completed and partials earned at summer camp.  These records are stored for at least eight years.

BSA policy is that any partially completed merit badge may be completed at any time until the Scout’s 18th birthday.  If the requirements for the badge are changed at any point after the badge is begun, the Scout has the right to complete the badge under the original requirements.  If a Scout earns a partial while at RSR Summer Camp and subsequently loses his blue card, he can get the record of his past work from the Camp Office.

The Camp is also able to provide verification of completed merit badges when the Scout’s blue card is lost.

To inquire about a merit badge record from a past season or to request a reissued blue card, please email

Twin Rivers Council, BSA

Merit Badge Prerequisites

Merit Badge Pamphlet Lending Library

At RSR we offer a lending library featuring merit badge pamphlets for all of the merit badges we offer (and even a few we don’t!)  When a Scout or leader wants to borrow a merit badge pamphlet, all he has to do is go to the Camp Office to sign it out.  Later, the book is returned and signed back in.  Best of all, this service is free and part of the all-inclusive fee structure at RSR.

Summer Camp Program Schedule is Here!

The 2015 Summer Camp Program Schedule is here!  Highlights include:

  1. BSA Stand Up Paddleboarding Award: RSR is excited to be able to offer this great new program opportunity for older Scouts, age 13 and above.  Cruise the lake in style aboard a new stand up paddleboard and earn the BSA SUP Award!

  2. Outdoor Cooking: Last year’s national revision to the Cooking Merit Badge included many new changes that are not possible to complete in a summer camp environment.  After experimenting with the changes last year, we have decided to remove Cooking Merit Badge from the schedule, but replaced it with Outdoor Cooking, a hands-on (& tasty) introduction into a variety of camp cooking methods.

  3. Extended classes for First Aid and Fishing merit badges to allow for more hands-on practice. 

  4. A second session of BSA Snorkeling Award.

Download your copy of the 2015 Summer Camp Program Schedule today.  Registration for sessions will take place upon arrival in camp on Sunday afternoon.  Please remember that we do not close program sessions except in rare cases when dictated by equipment limitations or safety guidelines. 

The merit badge program at RSR is specifically designed to reflect the outdoor experience of camp.  As a result, nearly all merit badges offered may be completed entirely at camp.  In some cases, however, a requirement may be more easily or necessarily completed at home.  In such cases the Scout is asked to bring evidence of completion for review by his merit badge counselor. 

The 2015 Merit Badge Prerequisites list is coming soon. 

STEM Week 2015 Schedule - August 9-15

Join us August 9th-15th for the second annual STEM Week!  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and we will be offering five unique STEM merit badges never before offered at Rotary.

For this one week only, these STEM merit badges will be offered in addition to the same outstanding program offered all summer long!  This year’s STEM merit badges are Chess, Electronics, Engineering, Programming, and Surveying.

Provisional camping is available for Scouts who would like to attend without their troop and the Twin Rivers Council Second Week Discount applies for any Scouts who have already spent a week at camp at Rotary or Wakpominee. 

To register as a Provisional Scout, please download and submit the 2015 Provisional Camping Registration Form.pdf.

Download the STEM Week Program Schedule.