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RSR Resource Center

Here you will find all of the forms and resources you need to plan your next trip to Rotary Scout Reservation.  Simply select the link to download the form you need.  If a resource you need is not here, please let us know and we will try to add it to the site.

Short Term Camping Resources

  1. Twin Rivers Council Online Facility Reservation Tool

  2. Short Term Camping Fees (In Council): Off Season Rental Information - In Council.pdf

  3. Short Term Camping Fees (Out of Council): Off Season Rental Information - Out of Council.pdf

  4. RSR Camping Rules and Regulations: Rules and Regulations.pdf

  5. Short Term Camping Unit Roster: Unit Roster.pdf

  6. Topographical Map: RSR Topographical Trail Map.pdf

Summer Camp Program Resources

  1. Campsite Duties Roster: Campsite Duty Rotation Schedule.pdf

  2. COPE Application for Summer Camp: COPE Application.pdf

  3. Counselor in Training Application: TRC Camp Staff Application.pdf

  4. Daily Program Schedule: 2015 Daily Program Schedule.pdf

  5. Fireguard Chart: Fireguard Chart.pdf

  6. Honor Patrol & Troop Standards: Thunderbird Patrol Award - Honor Troop.pdf

  7. Merit Badge Counselor Roster: 2013 Summer Merit Badge Counselors List.doc

  8. Merit Badge Planning Chart: Merit Badge Planning Sheet.pdf

  9. Merit Badge Prerequisites: Merit Badge Prerequisites 2014.pdf

  10. Scoutmaster Evaluation: RSR Scoutmaster Evaluation Form.pdf

  11. Staff Application: TRC Camp Staff Application.pdf

  12. Waiter Schedule: Dining Hall Waiter Schedule.pdf

Summer Camp Planning and Registration Resources

  1. BSA Annual Health and Medical Record: BSA Health and Medical Record 2014 (Summer Camp).pdf

  2. Camper Release Form: Camper Release Form.pdf

  3. Camper Packing List: Camper Packing List.pdf

  4. Campership Request Form: TRC Campership Application 2015.docx

  5. Camp Planning Guide for Parents and Leaders: Camp Planning Guide.pdf

  6. Dietary Restrictions Form: Dietary Restrictions Form.pdf

  7. Loyalty Program Information: TRC Loyalty Program 2014 Boy Scouts.pdf

  8. Refund Policy: Refund Policy.pdf

  9. Summer Camp Reservation Form: 2014 RSR Summer Camp Reservation Form.pdf

  10. Troop Photo Order Form: RSR Photo Order Form.pdf

  11. Troop Roster: Camp Payment Roster 2015.docx

  12. Provisional Camping Registration Form: 2015 Provisional Camping Registration Form.pdf

  13. Leader Letter of Appreciation Form: Leader Letter of Appreciation.pdf


  1. Thunderbird Club Donation Form: Thunderbird Club Donation Form.pdf

  2. Summer Camp Map: Rotary Camp Map

RSR Directory

For more information, please contact:                                                                              For questions regarding:

Brian Murray

Camp Director

Rotary Scout Reservation


Janet Keilen

Program Director

Rotary Scout Reservation


Joel Uline

Camp Ranger

Rotary Scout Reservation

279 Davitt Lake Road

Averill Park, NY 12018

Phone: (518) 283-4794

FAX: (518) 286-2374


Andrew Costello

COPE Committee Chair

Rotary Scout Reservation


Summer Camp Staff


Summer Camp Operations

Check-in, Check-out and Campsites

CIT Program

Summer Camp Operations

Check-in, Check-out and Campsites

Off Season COPE Programs for Troops

Camp Service Projects

Gift in Kind Donations

Work Weekends

Short Term Camping Operations

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