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The heart of Scouting is the outdoor experience.  The Scoutcraft area at RSR offers merit badges that appeal to Scouts of all ages - all in a hands-on, wilderness environment:

  1. Camping

  2. Cooking

  3. Fishing

  4. Geocaching

  5. Orienteering

  6. Pioneering

  7. Wilderness Survival

For those taking Camping and Wilderness Survival, the highlight of the week is the Thursday night outpost hike and campout.  Led by the Scoutcraft staff, participants will hike to the outer limits of the property before setting up camp for the night.  Those taking Wilderness Survival have the added challenge of building their shelters entirely from natural elements.

The Great Outdoors

Area Merit Badges

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Wilderness Survival

*Eagle Required

Other Area Programs

Open Geocaching

Leave No Trace

Geocaching MB

RSR is pleased to offer Geocaching Merit Badge!

Geocaching, the world wide treasure hunt, is one of the fastest growing new activities in Scouting.  Geocachers hide small caches anywhere in the world and then post the cache’s location online using GPS coordinates.  Anyone with a GPS device can then search for and locate the item.  Typically the cache includes a way for the finder to record their name and see who else has been there before them.  Some geocaches are designed to be moved and re-hidden by the finder, with the new coordinates posted so that anyone can monitor the cache’s global movements.

At RSR, we’ve built our own geocaching training course.  Participants can borrow a camp provided GPS device or use their own to locate caches placed throughout the camp by the Scoutcraft staff.  This is a great activity for troops and patrols and a great introduction to the world wide geocache movement.  In addition, Scouts can now work to complete Geocaching Merit Badge.  Once you’re hooked, you’ll see how geocaching can add a fun new element to any Scout outing!

The requirements for Geocaching Merit Badge may be found here.  At this time, requirements 7 and 8 should be done before arrival at camp.

Rotary Scout Reservation strives to ensure that a Scout has ample opportunity to complete all requirements for his chosen merit badges while at camp.  Some merit badges, however, have requirements which are best completed before coming to camp.  Links to the complete requirements are on the right.  The following merit badges have prerequisites which we recommend completing prior to camp. 


  1. Complete 4a, 4b, 8d, and 9a

  2. Requirement 9 must be done over a series of camping trips and verified with dates and locations by the Scoutmaster.  Scouts taking Camping should bring a backpack and backpacking tent for a one night outpost experience.


  1. Complete requirements 4, 6, and 7d

  2. Scouts and Leaders should plan on cooking multiple meals in site


  1. Complete 7, 8, and 9


  1. Complete requirement 2a

  2. Proficiency in knots and lashings required.  Scouts should review and practice knots and lashings prior to camp.

Wilderness Survival

  1. Scouts will spend one night at outpost camp in a shelter that they have built.

Merit Badge Prerequisites

Twin Rivers Council, BSA