Rotary Scout Reservation

summer camp staff



Camp Administration

Camp Director Brian Murray

Brian joined the staff at RSR in 1994 and has worked as the COPE Director and Program Director.  He has served as Camp Director since 2001.  Brian has earned BSA National Camping School certifications in Project COPE, Camp Program, Shooting Sports, and Camp Management.  Brian is an Eagle Scout and works as a social studies teacher at a Capital District high school.


Program Director Janet Keilen

Since joining the RSR staff in 1986, Janet has worked in numerous areas of camp program, management, and operations.  She has served as the Handicrafts Director, COPE Director, Shooting Sports Director, Trading Post Manager, Assistant Cook, and Program Director, among other staff titles.  Currently, Janet serves as the Program Director.  She has earned BSA National Camping School certifications in Project COPE, Shooting Sports, Program, and Camp Management, and has served as an NCS Instructor in Project COPE.  Janet is a Vigil Honor member of the OA and is a teacher and owner of a local pre-school.


Camp Ranger Joel Uline

Joel is a second generation Ranger at RSR.  He succeeded his father, Joe “Grizz” Uline, as Ranger in 1994.  Joel has earned BSA National Camping School certifications in Project COPE and Ranger School.  He is responsible for the year-round maintenance of the 1300 acre property and coordinates all improvements to the facilities.  He is an Eagle Scout and a volunteer fireman.


Summer Camp Staff

Working on a summer camp staff is one of the ultimate Scouting experiences.  Open to applicants 16 years of age and over, summer camp staff is where bonds are made that last a lifetime.  Staff members are paid to share their knowledge, skills, and years of Scouting experience with a new generation.  Each year, staff positions are available for older boys and adults in every program and support area.

Applications are due by December 15th.

Staff application may be downloaded here: TRC Camp Staff Application.pdf

Counselor in Training Program

The Rotary Scout Reservation Counselor in Training Program is for Scouts who are ready to take the next step in leadership, by learning how to counsel other Scouts in a fun, outdoor environment.  The two and a half week program allows half the day for the Scout’s own advancement and half the day for training, observing, and developing instruction techniques under careful guidance. 

The CITs are exposed to as many program areas as possible, and some support areas as well.  Each CIT is paired with an older staff mentor who serves as a guide and resource throughout the experience.  Upon completion of the program, the CIT may be asked to stay on as an intern for the rest of the summer, based upon the individual’s availability and the staffing needs of the camp.

CITs are encouraged to stay with their troop when the unit is in camp, so that their leadership is available to the unit while at summer camp.

Applications are due by December 15th.

The CIT application may be downloaded here: TRC Camp Staff Application.pdf

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