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A Scout Is Helpful

The Thunderbird Club was started as a way for past staff members and friends of RSR to contribute directly to the camp for projects and programs that positively affect the campers’ experiences while at camp.  All donations to the Thunderbird Club are used solely to enhance the facilities and purchase program equipment for Rotary Scout Reservation.

Recent projects have included:

  1. Construction of the Joe “Grizz” Uline Memorial Picnic Pavilions

  2. The Thunderbird Club supplemented the over $10,000 in designated funds raised for this project in memory of Grizz.

  3. New pavilions in the Taconic and Algonquin campsites

  4. A new beach volleyball court near Seneca Lodge

  5. Construction of new tent platforms

  6. Road repair work

  7. Significant upgrades to the Kitchen storeroom shelving

  8. Purchase of six new Kayaks for the Aquatics program

  9. Purchase of new target rifles for the Shooting Sports program

  10. Purchase of a new sailboat for the Aquatics program

  11. Construction a self-guided trail for the Ecology program

  12. Construction of a new washhouse for Seik and Dearborn Cabins

  13. Clearing of the site for the new campwide septic system.

  14. New basketball court

Thank you to all of those who have supported the Thunderbird Club with their time, talents, and financial contributions. 

Thunderbird Club Campaign 2017

You can help support Rotary Scout Reservation by making your contribution to the Thunderbird Club today.  Each and every contribution is important and to thank you we are providing a series of special membership gifts.

Donation Amount           Membership Gift

         $25.00                   2017 RSR Camp Patch

         $75.00                   2017 Thunderbird Club edition Camp Patch

        $250.00                  2017 Rotary Scout Reservation collector’s CSP

        $500.00                  Plaque Recognition


To make a contribution today, please download the Thunderbird Club Donation Form: Thunderbird Club Donation Form.pdf

For questions about the Thunderbird Club, email:

Your name will be added to the perpetual plaque maintained in the RSR Dining Hall.  This level of donation may be accrued beginning with donations from 2005.

Grizz Uline Family Picnic Pavilion

Thank you to all of the volunteers and friends of Rotary and the Uline family who contributed their time and money to help build the Grizz Uline Family Picnic Pavilion and BBQ Pavilion.  These two new pavilions will stand as a fitting tribute to a man who was the heart of Rotary Scout Reservation for so many years and who loved the Family Night BBQs. 

Please enjoy the following video, which shows how the Pavilion project went from being a dream to a reality in 2009.

Special thanks to Ed Keilen, who created this video.

Twin Rivers Council, BSA