Building Creativity and Memories

The Handicrafts area is perfect for those campers, young and old, who want to express their creativity and build treasured memories.  Each of the Handicrafts merit badges (Art, Basketry, Indian Lore, Leatherwork, Photography and Wood Carving) teaches Scouts the safe practices and basic skills needed to create camp projects they can be proud of.

All materials needed to complete the merit badge requirements are provided as part of the all-inclusive camp fee.  Each Scout may keep his or her finished basket, stool, knife pouch, neckerchief slide or other project to take home.

Additional project kits may be purchased in the Trading Post by adult leaders or Scouts who have already completed their merit badge but want to create an additional project.

Area Merit Badges



Indian Lore



Wood Carving

Other Area Programs

Open Crafts

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