Building A Legacy

In 1922, the Troy Rotary Club purchased the original Davitt Farm in the Town of Poestenkill, NY.  That farm, located near what is now the camp’s Rifle Range, was donated to the Troy Area Council, BSA.  The council named the property Camp Rotary.  The camp would begin operating a summer camp in 1923.

The camp’s property would expand over the years to just under 1300 acres.  Programs in the 20’s included Aquatics, but little else is known about it.  By the 1950’s, programs included Aquatics, Nature, Archery, Rifle Shooting, Field Sports and Scoutcraft.  Handicrafts was added in the 1970’s.  Mountain Living, later known as Chillicothe, was incorporated into the camp program in 1982.  It was closed at the end of the 2018 camping season.  Although rappelling at the cliffs was an afternoon program beginning in the ’70’s, the camp operated its first COPE program, including a low course and a rappelling tower, in 1989.  Various incarnations of the Trail to First Class Program began in the 1990’s.  2002 brought about the creation of the Community Safety Program, the latest addition to the program.  Other programs that have existed at various times included Cub Day Camp, Webelos Resident Camp, Mountain Biking, Hocker, and BMX.

As the camp approaches its 100th anniversary, the program continues to evolve and improve.  New programs and program modifications are constantly being discussed as the camp seeks to improve its program and better address the needs to the current Scouting population.

The History of RSR

In 2020, as Rotary Scout Reservation approached its centennial season, long time staff member, former camp director, and current assistant ranger Ed Keilen wrote and produced a series of videos highlighting the camp’s history.

Due to rights issues, the videos for the 1960s, 1980s, and 1990s episodes are posted without some of the music originally included in the videos.  To view the videos as originally recorded, please follow this link.

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