Summer Camp 2023

Select the session below to be taken to the online registration portal for that week.

Some occupied campsites may have additional room for another unit.  For current campsite availability and reservation information, please contact Camp Director Brian Murray.

Scouts BSA Resident Camp

Camp Planning Guide

Download the 2023 RSR Summer Camp Planning Guide.  Updated 3/15/2023

Troop Black Pug Accounts

All payments for summer camp are to be paid online to the troop account.  The troop account may be accessed through the camp contact’s Black Pug account.  To make a payment, add new participants (youth or adults), or register for merit badges (when this becomes available), the camp contact must first log in to their Black Pug account.  Select “Activity” from the menu, then the unit number, then the troop’s camp registration link.  This will open up the unit account.

Click here to log in to your Black Pug account.

Summer Camp Fees

There is no better bargain than Scouts BSA summer camp.  Compared to other summer programs, Scout Camp delivers an outstanding program, with lifelong value, at a fraction of the cost.  Unlike the fees at many camps in the Northeast Region, the summer camp fee at Rotary Scout Reservation is all-inclusive.  This includes all program materials, including supplies such as shooting sports ammunition and craft kits required for merit badge completion.

All payments will be made to the troop account through the Twin Rivers Council’s online payment portal.

A deposit of $100 is owed for each registered Scout by March 15 (excluding late Webelos Crossovers)

Please note that the Regular Fee applies when the balance is paid in full by May 1.

  • 2023 Regular Fee: $525 (balance paid by May 1)
  • 2023 Late Fee: $575 (balance paid after May 1)

For Webelos Crossovers, the Regular Fee applies when paid in full by June 15. 

The Twin Rivers Council offers a Sibling Discount of $40 for families sending multiple Scouts to Scouts BSA resident camp.  The discount may be applied to the second sibling and each additional sibling thereafter.

To apply the sibling discount, please email the camp director after the camper deposit has been paid, but before the full balance has been paid.

Campership Program

Camperships to attend summer camp at RSR are available to Scouts who have demonstrated financial need.  Camperships may be used to cover a portion of the Scout’s fee to attend camp, frequently in conjunction with other fundraising opportunities.

Click here to apply for a campership using our simple online form.  We ask that the campership form be completed by the parent or guardian of the Scout.

Provisional Camping

Provisional camping is an outstanding opportunity for a Scout who wants to spend an additional week at camp, or who would like to go to camp, but can’t attend during the week their troop is going.

All provisional Scouts will be placed with existing, quality troops selected by the camp administration.  Already have a relationship with a troop in camp or want to camp with a friend who is also going provisional for the week?  No problem.  We will honor all requests, as long as the host troop agrees.

Scouts may sign up for provisional camping at

Best of all, any Scout who has already paid for one week of resident camp this summer is eligible for the Second Week Discount Rate of just $300.  That’s a full week of camp for nearly half the price!

Adult Registration

Any adult (18+) who accompanies Scouts to camp must be cleared by the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services background check.  This background check is submitted by the camp at no cost to the unit.  Adults must be cleared PRIOR TO their arrival at camp or they will not be permitted to stay.  All adults must also have current Youth Protection Training.

Adults remaining in camp for 72 hours or more over the course of the week must also be registered with the BSA.

Adult Leader Fee

It is the policy of the BSA that a minimum of two adult leaders provide supervision for each unit and that there be one adult for every eight (8) youth.  At RSR, these required adult leaders are FREE.  Each unit will receive one free leader for every eight youth (minimum of two free leaders per unit).

In order to keep costs as low as possible for the Scouts, RSR charges an Adult Leader Fee of $125 for each adult beyond the required ratio for unit supervision.

Online Merit Badge Registration

Online merit badge registration is scheduled to begin on May 2nd, at 7:00 PM.

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