Let Your Imagination Lift Off!

Since our founding in 1922, Rotary Scout Reservation has reflected the outdoor program that has defined Scouting.  Our Ecology & Conservation program has educated generations of Scouts about the natural world and encouraged a lifelong commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.  In recent years, our Ecology program has offered merit badge advancement opportunities in 14 different areas, including Environmental Science, Forestry, Weather, and Fish & Wildlife Management.

Beginning in 2014, we expanded our commitment to STEM education with a dedicated STEM Week summer camp program.  Over the years since, hundreds of Scouts have taken advantage of this unique opportunity to earn STEM themed merit badges not offered during the rest of the season.  To ensure the best possible experience for the Scouts, we expand our seasonal staff for STEM Week to include knowledgeable instructors from STEM-related fields who have been recruited to share their career and avocational experience.

To date, we are proud to have offered 20 different STEM merit badges and 2 BSA Nova Awards on a rotating basis during STEM Week.  Merit badges offered have included Aviation, Digital Technology, Game Design, Entrepreneurship, Chemistry, Programming, Veterinary Science, Public Health and Robotics.

STEM Week 2021

STEM Week 2021 will be held August 8-14, 2021.  In addition to our full outdoor program schedule, this year’s STEM program will include:

  • Engineering Merit Badge
  • Inventing Merit Badge
  • Robotics Merit Badge
  • Space Exploration Merit Badge
  • Veterinary Medicine Merit Badge
  • Nova Award: Designed to Crunch
  • Nova Award: Whoosh!

Download the full STEM Week 2021 merit badge schedule here.

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