Become a Counselor in Training

The Rotary Scout Reservation Counselor in Training Program is for 15 year old Scouts who are ready to take the next step in leadership, by learning how to counsel other Scouts in a fun, outdoor environment.  The two and a half week long training program allows half the day, each day, for the Scout’s own advancement and half the day for training, observing, and developing instructional techniques under the careful guidance of experienced staff members.

CITs are exposed to as many program areas as possible, and some support areas as well.  Each CIT is paired with an older staff mentor who serves as a guide and resource throughout the experience. 

CITs are encouraged to stay with their troop when the unit is in camp, so that their leadership remains available to the troop while at summer camp.

The two and a half week training experience for a CIT is equal to the cost of just 1 week of camp ($475).  Upon completion of the program, the CIT may be welcomed to stay on as an intern for the rest of the summer, at no charge, based upon the individual’s availability and the staffing needs of the camp.

The program is open to Scouts and Venturers.  Candidates must be 15 years of age prior to June 28, 2021 to participate this season.  Click the button below to complete an online application.  Applicants will be contacted for an interview by the camp director and program director.

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